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Kevin T. Norris

Bassist, vocalist, voice over talent, saxophonist, and all-around great guy…


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find this exercise in shameless self-promotion to be enlightening, useful, and entertaining. I stand ready to consider all serious, professional offers in the idioms presented herein.


As an old friend once told me, “no job is too tough if the fee is enough…”

Kevin T Norris“Donna’s Song & Other Love Tales Vol. 1” is the new release from Kevin T Norris.

This is a journey of love through the many different styles & musical colors that have influenced Kevin’s long (35+ years!) and varied career. From classic R&B to funk, blues to jazz, country to rock & roll, the passion, joys, and pain of love are reflected in the 7 original & 3 cover tunes selected for this record.

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"Hey Kevin --- Don't know if I responded before, but...nice website!  You are one talented M@#$%^&ucker!! Keep up the great work & we'll run into each other sooner or later-thanks for checking in, brother! "

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